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Improve Reading for Older Students

Sharon Vaughn and Jack Fletcher's "Response to Intervention with Older Students with Reading Difficulties", published in 2008, identifies the critical components of reading that are necessary even at the secondary level.

"Older students with reading difficulties may need instruction in any of a range of reading components from beginning phonics skills to decoding multi-syllabic words and practicing reading for fluency, depending on their degree of development and corresponding areas of need. In addition, many students benefit from multiple opportunities to read text aloud and to engage in activities that involve improving reading fluency. Thus, all secondary-level students with reading difficulties need explicit instruction in vocabulary and the application of comprehension strategies. Even older students who require instruction in the basic elements of decoding and word-level reading should not be precluded from receiving instruction in vocabulary, concept development, and reading comprehension."

Finding an intervention program that accomplishes these goals can be difficult. Connect to Comprehension's reading intervention program targets elements in vocabulary and upper-level comprehension skills while at the same time focusing on the identification and remediation of phonics/word level reading gaps. Through the use of decodable readers and a set of scripted teacher's manuals, students receive instruction and practice in basic skills while acquiring the skills necessary to become grade-level readers and thinkers.

See how this powerful reading intervention program highlights the many components of reading to help your older struggling readers be successful!

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