Extension Kit

This kit focuses on decoding and understanding more advanced Tier 2 vocabulary, word building with prefixes and suffixes, and advanced comprehension skills such as identifying theme and points of view. The engaging decodable text includes the most common Greek myths: Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa, The Trojan Horse, etc.


 Vocabulary cards and fluency/sequencing strips are included in the kit.  Also included is a syllabication types and rules anchor chart to give students a handy reference as they are decoding longer words.


The lessons are scripted, explicit, and easy to follow;  and a writing prompt is included with each myth to help students expand their abilities in written expression.

Photo of the extension kit with lessons, cards and instructions

"I am using the extension kit with my 4/5 students and they LOVE IT!! I have a couple of students who are difficult to get talking and motivated, but they are always excited to read and talk about myths! Thank you for such a wonderful program!"

- Amanda, Teacher at School of Arts and Sciences, Florida