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What is
Connect to Comprehension?

  • Scripted, explicit reading intervention program for dyslexic students and struggling readers

  • Connects all components of reading, written expression, and oral language

  • Based on Orton-Gillingham principles with all components taught, reviewed, and practiced on a daily basis

  • Focuses on upper-level comprehension skills (cause-effect, compare-contrast, inferences) that can even be taught to severely struggling readers

  • 6 levels of program, aligned with 6 leveled sets of highly-engaging decodable readers

  • Skill-based for effective use with any age, including adults

  • Implemented in one-on-one tutoring, small intervention groups, or intervention classroom

  • Multi-sensory, interactive lessons, including game-like formats

  • Teacher’s Guides outline each part of every lesson, with explicit language for teaching and reviewing

  • Implementation Guide with pre- and post-test assessments for placement, progress monitoring, and outcome measures

  • Pack of fluency and sequencing strips for additional interactive practice

  • Narrative and informational text throughout levels

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