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Climbing Two Mountains

As more and more of us begin to learn about the Science of Reading, we are focusing on phonemic awareness and phonics. These are critical skills for all of our students to master. But we must also target the other components of reading: fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. If we wait until our students have mastered decoding skills before we provide explicit and systematic instruction and practice in these other components, we are asking our students to “climb two mountains.”

The Connect to Comprehension program was developed to provide students who struggle with decoding access to upper-level comprehension instruction. Struggling readers typically don’t get practice in comprehension skills because the reading materials are too difficult to decode or the lower-level texts they can read are not engaging and motivating. When they become more fluent in reading, they have to conquer gaps in comprehension and upper-level skills such as inferences, cause and effect, and compare and contrast. In Connect to Comprehension, these upper-levels skills are explicitly taught, scaffolded, and practiced while students are learning and practicing basic decoding/structural analysis skills.

As a result, students experience full, complete, and expansive reading success!

Begin your student's journey to success with Connect to Comprehension:

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