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Connect to Comprehension

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Powerful Intervention for Struggling Readers

 "...I am delighted to have found an intervention program that is so beautifully aligned with the Science of Reading...."
-Shana, International Reading Specialist & Teacher

"I’ve never come across such a thorough program!  I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail of reading instruction!"     
- Patricia, Intervention Teacher

Program materials, books, supplies for educators to help struggling readers

What is Connect to Comprehension?

Connect to Comprehension is an intervention program that incorporates all components of reading as well as oral language and written expression in daily scripted lessons.  It is completely aligned with the Science of Reading and based on well-respected recommendations, including the National Reading Panel. The decodable texts used throughout the program are engaging for all ages of struggling readers.


The program provides students who struggle with decoding access to upper-level comprehension instruction. Connect to Comprehension teaches skills and strategies for understanding text while students are learning and practicing basic decoding/structural analysis skills. Fluency and vocabulary are also emphasized through explicit instruction and effective practice activities. 

"The success I am seeing with this program is amazing!"     
- Faith, Reading Interventionist

Connect to Comprehension has been changing students' lives since 2009.  It is currently being implemented in 41 U.S. states and 12 other countries.

Map of the United States and all the states that Connect to Comprehension is used
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