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Skills & Strategies

Phonetic/Structural Analysis Patterns

The curriculum guides provide scripted lessons, guided practice, and independent practice in the following:

  • Level A - short vowels, CVC words, s as ending

  • Level B - vce words, long vowel pairs, homophones

  • Level C - initial/final blends and digraphs, hard/soft c/g, tch,

  • Level D - r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, dge, silent letters

  • Level E - compound words, suffixes ed/y, variant vowels, doubling rule

  • Level F - prefixes/suffixes, rules for syllabication, multi-syllable words with six syllabication patterns



Comprehension Skills/Strategies

The following skills and comprehension strategies are introduced and practiced throughout Levels A-F of the curriculum guides:

  • Characters/Character Details/Character Traits

  • Recall of Facts/Detail

  • Setting

  • Predicting/Revising Predictions

  • Sequence of Events

  • Summarizing

  • Visualizing

  • Beginning/Middle/End

  • Problem/Solution

  • Using Conversational Clues

  • Using Context Clues

  • Cause/Effect

  • Main Ideas/Details

  • Multiple Meanings

  • Locating Information

  • Making Inferences

  • Author’s Purpose

  • Fact vs. Opinion

  • Figurative Language and Idioms

  • Point of View

  • Compare/Contrast

  • Text Genres

  • Literary Devices- (e.g. Foreshadowing)

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