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Decodable Fluency Fables provide practice with targeted phonetic patterns. Well-known fables (ex:The Tortoise and the Hare, The Fox and the Grapes) are presented as decodable text.


Eighteen fables include: 

* 2 short vowels

* 2  v-e pattern words

* 2  long vowel teams

* 2  r-controlled vowels

* 2 diphthongs

* 3 initial/final blends and digraphs

* 2 suffixes

* 2 prefixes

* 1 variant vowels


Fluency strips and word cards are provided for each fable so accuracy and automaticity can be achieved at the word and phrase levels.


These fables can be used with the Connect to Comprehension kit or stand-alone.


Through these engaging stories that are part of our cultural heritage, struggling readers can practice all elements of fluency – reading with accuracy, reading at an appropriate rate, and reading with proper expression.


Set of 18 fables with word cards and phrase strips - $35.00 (digital download)

Decodable Fluency Fables Downloadable

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