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Program Components

The Connect to Comprehension program is composed of 6 skill-based levels and includes instruction and practice in the 5 basic components of reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension), oral language, and written expression.

Introduction and Implementation Guide

This manual includes:

  • All individual student assessments (pretests, posttests, monitoring assessments)

  • Description and sample of daily reading routine

  • Description and instructions for 3 reading checks (Skill Deck, Vocabulary Deck, High Frequency Deck)

  • Instructions for student placement/grouping

Curriculum Guides & Daily Scripted Lessons, Levels A-F
  • Explicit instructions that align with 6 decodable readers 

  • 36 total readers in the program. The readers are High Noon Sound-Out Chapter Books, Levels A1 through C2. All are included in the program's purchase price. 


Fluency Strips

Each kit includes:

  • A box containing Fluency Strips

  • Sequencing Strips

  • Beginning/Middle/Ending Strips for multi-sensory practice at each level



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