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Program Components

The Connect to Comprehension program is composed of 6 skill-based levels and includes instruction and practice in the 5 basic components of reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension), oral language, and written expression.

Introduction and Implementation Guide

This manual includes:

  • All individual student assessments (pretests, posttests, monitoring assessments)

  • Description and sample of daily reading routine

  • Description and instructions for 3 reading checks (Skill Deck, Vocabulary Deck, High Frequency Deck)

  • Instructions for student placement/grouping

Curriculum Guides & Daily Scripted Lessons, Levels A-F
  • Explicit instructions that align with 6 decodable readers 

  • 36 total readers in the program. The readers are High Noon Sound-Out Chapter Books, Levels A1 through C2. All are included in the program's purchase price. 


Fluency Strips

Each kit includes:

  • A box containing Fluency Strips

  • Sequencing Strips

  • Beginning/Middle/Ending Strips for multi-sensory practice at each level



Fluency strips teachers have created for the program
High Noon reader books used in the program
High Noon readers used in the program
Fluency strips used in Connect to Comprehension
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