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Connect to Comprehension
Winter Bundle

Everything you need to implement effective, research-based intervention for your struggling readers!

  • CtoC Kit

  • Phonics Games

  • Extension Kit

  • Teacher set of 36 High Noon readers

  • Virtual Training


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Connect to Comprehension Reading Intervention Kit

  • (Levels A-F and Introduction/Assessment Curriculum Guides) – 7 manuals per set

  • Fluency/Sequencing Strips box included

  • High Noon Readers, Sound-out-Chapter Books Teacher Set, Levels A1-C2, 36 books

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Extension Kit

Connect to Comprehension Extension Kit

Contains Teacher's Manual, Student Booklet, Vocabulary Cards, Fluency/Sequencing Strips, and Syllabication Anchor Chart. The engaging decodable text includes the most common Greek myths: Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa, and The Trojan Horse.


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Connect to Comprehension Phonics Games for Fluency

  • 2-volume set 

  • Levels  A-F

  • Aligned to the Connect to Comprehension program

  • Interactive practice and review

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CtC Card Games.gif

Connect to Comprehension Extension Kit

  • Decodable Greek Myths 

  • Vocabulary cards 

  • Student Workbook master copy

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Fables Cover.png

Connect to Comprehension Decodable Fluency Fables Downloable

  • 18 Decodable Fables 

  • Word Cards

  • Phrase Strips


Virtual Trainings

Connect to Comprehension program for purchase

Connection Comprehension Virtual Training

The companion training to the Connect to Comprehension Reading Intervention Kit.

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Comprehension Strategies Virtual Training

Learn and practice specific techniques for improving student's comprehension skills.

8 Essential Strategies

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Vocabulary Connection Virtual Training photo

Making Vocabulary Connections

Powerful strategies to help struggling readers expand their word knowledge.

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Fluency Virtual Training

Learn about the elements of fluency, how they are connected, and how to provide effective fluency practice.

Fluency: Helping Struggling Readers Become Fluent Readers

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Comprehension Virtual Training

Learn about the 5 components of reading, how they are connected, and strategies for teaching them.

Components of Reading

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